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With its curved orbit (axis X), Orbiter 160 P has three times the space in comparison to linear competitors.

  • More space for tools, easier to feed it automatically.
  • Machine front has 270° overall accessibility.
  • Control panel on rotating arm accessible over all the perimeter.
  • No thermal drift (linear) can interfere with the precision of ORBITER 160 P.
  • High acceleration and no vibration are features of the orbiting axis.
  • Stiffness of axes is at least three times more than the linear competitors.
  • High gain, high Kv
  • Soft and Hard turning
  • Drilling.
  • Grinding, and any option available.
  • Turning on counter headstock for operations A and B on the same machine.
  • No need for intermediate turnover unit.
  • On-machine part measurement.
  • Turning, bushings insertion and remachining during the cycle.

The prestigious accessory: the counter headstock.

The only Pick-up lathe with counter headstock for machining of part from opposite side to first gripping. The part is placed by the main spindle onto the headstock, then machined with the tools on board the upper drum. After machining the part is taken again by the main spindle for unloading. If the machining of the second position is such to remove material that changes the grip conditions of the self-centring chuck, the part is picked up by a customised gripper located at the side of the spindle.

With the headstock:

  1. There is no need for expensive intermediate part turnover units.
  2. Complete machining of the part, with no need to purchase a dual-spindle.

Fully accessible load-unload station.

The station is customised according to the different requirements of the customer, and adapts very well to any layout available in the customer’s works. The ergonomics are designed to permit easy manual loading-unloading for small production series. Blowing of machined parts, before the part unloading. Marposs probe near the unloading, to measure with the part still clamped in the spindle, and if necessary, the measurement data is transmitted to the NC for the correction of the tools referencing.

Working flexibility.

The extreme precision and repeatability of ORBITER 160 P permits operations of turning, milling and, above all, finishing operations by grinding with wheel spindle and disk dresser, hard turning with CBN tools. ORBITER also has a wide range of accessories to be mounted on the upper drum, for the many requirements of the customer: drilling, tapping, bushings insertion, toothing up to module 2.

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