Accessories and tools

TW 330-260 and Applications

The ideas that become technology.

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Special & Multiple Heads

We design and build multiple spindle heads – milling heads – drilling and milling spindles also special, for specific operations.

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We design and produce tools for vertical & horizontal work centres – manual or automatic, using hydraulic or pneumatic clamping.

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HRS 225 Hybrid Tilting Table

The HRS 225 is a 4 axes tilting table complete with Brushless motorisation unit and OTT crown / screw with backlash elimination and stationary brake.

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Horizont 600

The Horizont 600 Is a horizontal axis rotating table with an empty 600 mm Ø centre.

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CRS 250

The ideas that become technology

CRS 250  Rotary  Tilting  Table

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