The execution of the Leak Tests at the end of the production cycle and/or of some processing phases is a necessary element to guarantee and keep track of the Correct Execution of the Operations.
This kind of test can be requested by the customer in its supply specifications, and in some cases it can become a real regulatory requirement (for example in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors).

In addition to ensuring the correct execution of the tests and the total reliability of the results, it is essential to optimize the integration of this phase within the production cycle, to ensure maximum workflow speed in compliance with the operational requirements related to the test itself , so as to maximize productivity.

The design and preparation of Leak Test Benches, as well as the appropriate Positioning in the Production Line Layout, play a decisive role in achieving these objectives: the Choice of the type of Instruments to be integrated into the bench, their Configuration e Arrangement and installation of adequate auxiliary equipment (often made to measure) facilitates the work of the Operator and reduces transfer times and internal handling to a minimum.

Thanks to our experience of over 30 years, specific skills and close and lasting collaboration with specialized companies, we can design, build and install Leak Test Benches configured according to each specific process requirement, guaranteeing maximum Reliability and Productivity for the Competitiveness of the your company